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Barry Nash, TV Talent Coach
Barry Nash, TV Talent Coach

Barry Nash and his team have been coaching news and sports talent at every level for over 30 years. Every day, hundreds of millions of people around the world get their news from talent they have consulted and coached. For more than a dozen years, Barry Nash & Company has partnered with Collective Talent to advance the careers of thousands of on-air journalists.

Professional Image Coaching for Collective Talent Clients

There's no escaping it: Your relationship with viewers begins with your appearance.

Research has shown that, when people see you for the first time, they will subsconsciously decide how they feel about you in milliseconds! This is why looking your best on-air is so important, especially when viewers are just getting to know you. Get it wrong and viewers may write you off and tune you out before you open your mouth to speak!

That's why CT has teamed with Barry Nash and Company to offer free visual image coaching to anyone that finds their next hire or job through the CT website. Literally tens of millions of people around the world get their news from BNC-coached talent every day. Few people understand what it takes to look your newscast-best and to communicate successfully like they do. TCC Visual Image specialist, Barrett Nash, has trained with world-renowned visual image specialist, Elaine Stoltz, who says that Nash has the "best eye for color that I have ever seen."

You will get the best possible advice on hair, makeup and wardrobe. The works. And there's no cost to you and no obligation. It's just our way of saying thank you for using CT -- and of following through on our commitment to do all we can to support your success. We hope you won't hesitate to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity. All you have to do is give us a call at CT and let us know you found your talent or your job here!