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Ron Burke

Ron Burke

Murrow Award winner Ron Burke has been doing sports most of his career (mostly in Philly), but now he's open to jumping over to the news side.  He says, "I treat my job/career as a craft.  It is important to me to represent myself, my station and my colleagues with the utmost class.  I am serious about the responsibilities placed upon me, and I expect to be held accountable by my managers and peers.  Throughout my career I have been recognized as a solid journalist who connects with the viewer.  I believe this is why I have had such a lengthy career in a demanding city.  I work diligently behind the scenes to prepare a quality product, and when the red light comes on--- it's GO TIME! I love the feeling of talking to the viewer and developing a bond with the community."  Please consider him!

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Positions: Anchor, Sports
Experience: Experienced
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