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Harrison Golden

Harrison Golden

Harrison Golden is the state house reporter for WVLA-TV in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He also is a backup news anchor and frequently covers breaking news and weather.

Harrison has delivered compelling reporting across all sorts of platforms. He filed breaking reports live for air, overseen national newscasts and written for both web and print. As a television reporter, he is continuing his mission: to filter out mistruths and give the public fair, accurate journalism.

Harrison joined WVLA from Fox News Radio, New York where he wrote and lined produced for SiriusXM's Fox News Headlines 24/7 channel.

Harrison began his news career where he was raised, in the Big Apple suburbs of Orange County, New York. At WTBQ radio, he anchored news updates and even played music on occasion.

Outside of work, Harrison is a proud audiophile, consuming masterpieces from The Velvet Underground, A Tribe Called Quest, Chris Stapleton, and geniuses in between. He mentors college journalists who exhibit the same curiosity and creativity he does. In the spirit of photojournalist Peter Parker (A.K.A. Spider-Man), he knows "with great power comes great responsibility."

Station: WVLA
Market: Baton Rouge, Louisanna
Positions: Reporter, VJ/MMJ, Anchor
Experience: Experienced
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