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Mariah Janos

Mariah Janos

Boston born and raised and wouldn’t have it any other way. I mean my love for sports has to come from somewhere, right? I grew up in a suburb outside the city, part of your standard big, fat, Greek family. I attended Syracuse University where I would quickly realize just what I wanted to do in life, sports broadcasting. I graduated with degrees in writing, public communications, and sport management. Upon graduation I took the first step towards making my dreams a reality, working as a team reporter for the Cape Cod Baseball League. But, when summer ended, so did the league and so did work. Flash forward seven months of panicking about whether or not I would have a future, and I finally landed a job as a Weekend Sports Anchor and Reporter in Duluth, MN. I took the risk and up and moved knowing no one and nothing about the area, just working every day to become the best I can possibly be. Every day, when I go on air, I am reminded that the sacrifices I made to get here, are all worth it.

Station: LAX Sports
Market: Boston
Positions: Sports, Reporter
Experience: Experienced
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