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Barry Nash and Company


Status Market Position Date Posted
Sign Up Waco Weather-Weekend
Sign Up Memphis Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Missoula Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Burlington-Plattsburgh Reporter
Sign Up Monroe Anchor-Morning
Sign Up New Orleans Meteorologist-MMJ
Sign Up Tulsa Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Baton Rouge Creative Digital Storyteller
Sign Up Tucson, Arizona Morning Weather Anchor
Sign Up Syracuse Featured Morning News Reporter- fill-in Anchor
Sign Up Ft. Myers Meteorologist
Sign Up Colorado Springs Weather-Weekend
Sign Up Salisbury Chief Meteorologist (Bi-lingual)
Sign Up Oklahoma City Reporter-MMJ (3)
Sign Up Tri-Cities Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Charleston Weekend Meteorologist
Sign Up Grand Rapids Multi-Media Journalist
Sign Up Spokane Weather Forecaster / Multi-Media Journalist
Sign Up Bowling Green Part-Time Multi-media Journalist
Sign Up Pensacola News Anchor / Reporter (Weekends)
Sign Up Duluth Anchor
Sign Up Rockford Weekend Meteorologist and Photojournalist
Sign Up Seattle Reporter-PT-Temp
Sign Up Charlotte Anchor-Reporter
Sign Up Atlanta Sports Anchor/Reporter/MMJ
Sign Up Charleston Sports Anchor/Reporter
Sign Up Little Rock Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Houston Meteorologist
Sign Up Madison Host / Producer
Sign Up Sacramento Weekend Weather- MSJ
Sign Up Lancaster Reporter
Sign Up Mobile/Pensacola Anchor-Reporter
Sign Up Sioux City Sports-Director
Sign Up San Angelo Sports-Director
Sign Up Charleston Digital Multimedia Journalist Reporter
Sign Up Washington D.C. Bureau Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Seattle Reporter
Sign Up Tallahassee Sports Anchor/Multimedia Journalist
Sign Up Tampa Bay Reporter-MMJ-Morning
Sign Up Phoenix Anchor-Weekend
Sign Up Mobile-Pensacola On-Air Host
Sign Up Buffalo Sports Anchor/MSJ
Sign Up El Paso News Chief Investigative Reporter
Sign Up Macon News Producer / Multimedia Journalist
Sign Up Green Bay Multimedia Journalist-Valley Bureau
Sign Up Steubenville Weekend Meteorologist / Reporter
Sign Up Baton Rouge Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Baton Rouge Anchor-Reporter
Sign Up Waco Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Amarillo Digital Multi-Media Journalist.
Sign Up New York Reporter
Sign Up Greensboro Weekend Morning Anchor/Multi-skilled Journalist
Sign Up Salt Lake City General Assignment Reporter
Sign Up Myrtle Beach Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Rochester Morning Feature Reporter
Sign Up Tampa Digital Journalist
Sign Up Springfield Digital MMJ
Sign Up Indianapolis Reporter-MMJ-PT
Sign Up West Palm Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Omaha Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Denver Sports-Anchor-Weekend
Sign Up Oklahoma City News Investigative Reporter
Sign Up Tulsa Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Duluth Morning Anchor
Sign Up Augusta Capital Reporter/MMJ
Sign Up Lubbock Weather-Morning
Sign Up Lubbock Anchor-Morning
Sign Up Myrtle Beach Digital MMJ
Sign Up Quad Cities Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Reno Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Phoenix Reporter
Sign Up Pensacola Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Grand Rapids Director of Technology
Sign Up Birmingham Anchor Reporter
Sign Up San Francisco Weather-Meteorologist-TEMP
Sign Up Kansas City Consumer/Investigative Reporter
Sign Up Oklahoma City Weekend Anchor Reporter
Sign Up Plattsburgh Anchor Reporter
Sign Up Colorado Spring Anchor
Sign Up Cincinnati General Assignment Reporter
Sign Up Redding News Anchor / Multimedia Journalist
Sign Up San Angelo Weather-Weekend
Sign Up Memphis Anchor-Morning
Sign Up Peoria Morning News Anchor
Sign Up Lincoln, Kearney, Hastings Weekend Weather Anchor/MMJ
Sign Up Axtell Multimedia Journalist
Sign Up Nashville Anchor-Reporter
Sign Up Tampa Bay Co-Host - Great Day Live
Sign Up Champaign Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Columbus Weather-Morning-Noon
Sign Up Myrtle Beach Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Columbus Anchor-Reporter
Sign Up Chicopee Mass Appeal Host/Producer
Sign Up Jackson Multi Media Journalist
Sign Up Austin Anchor-Reporter
Sign Up Houston Reporter
Sign Up Champaign Anchor-Weekend
Sign Up Youngstown Part-Time, Temporary Weekend Meteorologist
Sign Up Hartford Reporter-MMJ-PT
Sign Up Portland Multi-Skilled Journalist
Sign Up Raleigh, NC Meteorologist
Sign Up Springfield Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Champaign Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Wichita Anchor-Morning
Sign Up Tulsa Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Fort Wayne Weekend Meteorologist
Sign Up Clarksburg Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Bismarck Weekend Sports Anchor
Sign Up Sioux City Weather-Morning
Sign Up Rockford Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Des Moines Reporter
Sign Up Johnson City Anchor-Reporter
Sign Up Monroe Reporter-Sports-MMJ
Sign Up Phoenix Meteorologist/Reporter/MSJ
Sign Up Wichita Anchor/Reporter
Sign Up Wichita Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Wichita Meteorologist
Sign Up Youngstown Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Baltimore Lifestyle Show Host
Sign Up Denver Reporter
Sign Up Milwaukee Anchor-Weekend
Sign Up Jacksonville Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Medford Morning Anchor/Multimedia Journalist
Sign Up Topeka Anchor
Sign Up Abilene Anchor
Sign Up Tampa Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Atlanta Reporter-General-Assignment
Sign Up Tampa Bay Traffic Anchor/Multiskilled Journalist
Sign Up Tampa Bay Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Milwaukee Investigative Reporter
Sign Up Memphis, TN General Assignment Morning News Reporter
Sign Up Minneapolis Multi Media Anchor/Reporter
Sign Up Jackson Sports Director
Sign Up Des Moines Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Carterville Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Quad Cities Investigative Reporter/Producer
Sign Up Albuquerque Multimedia Journalist
Sign Up Quad Cities Anchor/Producer
Sign Up St. Louis Reporter/Anchor
Sign Up Salt Lake City Anchor-Reporter
Sign Up Columbia Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Tampa Bay Anchor/Multiskilled Journalist.
Sign Up Redding Meteorologist
Sign Up Wausau Multimedia Journalist
Sign Up Honolulu Anchor-Weekend
Sign Up Austin Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Wausau/Rhinelander Wisconsin Multimedia Journalist
Sign Up Albuquerque Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Lafayette Sports-Reporter-VJ
Sign Up Sioux City Anchor-Morning
Sign Up Panama City Meteorologist-PT
Sign Up Panama City Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Wichita Falls Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Greenville Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Boise Multimedia Journalist
Sign Up Peoria Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Baton Rouge Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Denver Specialty MMJ
Sign Up Norfolk/Hampton Roads Multi-Skilled Journalist
Sign Up Bismarck Weekend News Anchor and Weekday Reporter
Sign Up Fayetteville Anchor-Primary
Sign Up Austin Digital Reporter
Sign Up Charleston Weekend Meteorologist/Multimedia Journalist
Sign Up Boston Reporter-PT
Sign Up Marquette Mulitmedia Journalist
Sign Up Macon Multi-Skilled Journalist
Sign Up Orlando Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Orlando Anchor-Reporter
Sign Up Cincinnati Reporter-Traffic
Sign Up Tallahassee Morning Anchor/MMJ
Sign Up Phoenix Investigative Reporter
Sign Up Seattle News Anchor / Reporter
Sign Up Atlanta Reporter
Sign Up New Haven Digital Producer/MMJ
Sign Up Eugene Morning News Anchor/Reporter
Sign Up Waterloo Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Lawton Weather-Meteorologist
Sign Up Amarillo Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Memphis Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Memphis Weekend Morning Anchor/MMJ.
Sign Up Seattle Anchor
Sign Up Tulsa Weather-Weekend
Sign Up Tallahassee State Capitol Political Reporter
Sign Up Wausau Investigative Reporter
Sign Up Fayetteville Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Topeka Weather-Weekend
Sign Up Horseheads Producer/Anchor/MMJ.
Sign Up Horseheads Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Ft. Myers Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Marquette Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Tallahassee Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Louisville Meteorologist
Sign Up Lewiston Sports Director
Sign Up Columbus Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up York Anchor/ Investigative Reporter
Sign Up Mobile Meteorologist Part-time
Sign Up Tulsa Weather-Meteorologist
Sign Up Tampa Weekday Morning Anchor