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Barry Nash and Company


Status Market Position Date Posted
Sign Up Sioux Falls, SD Reporter
Sign Up Sioux Falls, SD Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Brownsville Anchor
Sign Up Albuquerque Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Oklahoma City Anchor-Reporter
Sign Up Mobile Anchor-Reporter
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Sign Up Tri Cities Mobile Multi-Media Journalist
Sign Up Yakima Bureau Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Des Moines Sports Reporter/Photographer
Sign Up Detroit Reporter/Anchor
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Sign Up Utica Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up San Antonio News Anchor
Sign Up East Peoria News Anchor
Sign Up Sioux City Multimedia Journalist
Sign Up Sioux City News Anchor/Producer
Sign Up Sioux City Sports Anchor/Multi-Media Journalist
Sign Up Houston Reporter
Sign Up Charlotte News Anchor/Digital Journalist
Sign Up Greenville Temporary News Anchor/Reporter
Sign Up Waco Anchor-Weekend
Sign Up Honolulu On-Air Talent-Part Time
Sign Up Spartanburg Anchor
Sign Up Austin Reporter
Sign Up Oklahoma City General Assignment Reporter
Sign Up St Paul, MN Meteorologist
Sign Up New Orleans Weekend Anchor/MSJ
Sign Up Mobile Weekend Morning Anchor/ MMJ
Sign Up Nashville Meteorologist Temp on Call
Sign Up Tucson Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Jonesboro Anchor-Reporter
Sign Up Toledo Anchor-Morning
Sign Up Savannah Sports-Anchor-Weekend
Sign Up WASHINGTON, DC Reporter, MultiMedia Journalist
Sign Up Charlotte Reporter
Sign Up Saginaw Reporter/MMJ Temporary
Sign Up Singapore Multimedia Journalist
Sign Up Sarasota Anchor/Reporter
Sign Up Boise Weekend Meteorologist / MMJ
Sign Up Columbus Chief Investigative Reporter
Sign Up Columbus Meteorologist
Sign Up Atlanta Anchor
Sign Up Springfield. MA Photo/Editor/Live Truck Operator
Sign Up Joplin Weekend Weather Forecaster/Weekday MMJ
Sign Up Joplin Sports-Director
Sign Up Tucson Chief Meteorologist
Sign Up Topeka Anchor-Weekend
Sign Up Lafayette Meteorologist
Sign Up Salt Lake City Reporter
Sign Up Kansas City Reporter
Sign Up Boston Reporter-PART TIME
Sign Up Saginaw Reporter/MMJ Temporary
Sign Up Rockford Morning Meteorologist
Sign Up Shreveport Sports-Reporter-VJ
Sign Up Albuquerque Anchor/MMJ
Sign Up Baltimore Host
Sign Up Colorado Springs Reporter, Multimedia Journalist
Sign Up East Peoria Sports Director
Sign Up Ft. Myers Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Augusta, GA/Aiken, SC Multimedia Journalist
Sign Up Houston Anchor
Sign Up Cincinnati Weather-Meteorologist
Sign Up Spokane Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Bangor Multi-Skilled Journalist
Sign Up Phoenix Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Phoenix Temp Multimedia Journalist
Sign Up Washington, DC Anchor/Reporter
Sign Up Universal City Reporter-Investigative
Sign Up Albany, GA Reporter-Bureau
Sign Up Norfolk Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Topeka Reporter, Sports
Sign Up Binghamton Multimedia Journalist
Sign Up Albuquerque Life Style MMJ
Sign Up Elmira Weekend Meteorologist/MMJ
Sign Up Hartford Reporter/MMJ
Sign Up Baltimore Weather-Meteorologist
Sign Up Carterville, IL Reporter-Bureau
Sign Up New Orleans, LA Anchor-Weekend
Sign Up Waco Sports-Anchor-Weekend
Sign Up Elmira Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Chicopee, MA Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Albany News Anchor/Reporter
Sign Up Raleigh TV Sports Anchor/Reporter
Sign Up Charleston Account Executive, Sales
Sign Up Indianapolis Anchor
Sign Up Bismarck Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Elmira Morning Meteorologist
Sign Up Richmond Reporter, News Anchor
Sign Up Richmond Reporter, MultiMedia Journalist
Sign Up Washington, DC Chief Meteorologist
Sign Up Portland Sports-Anchor
Sign Up Tyler Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Baltimore Traffic Reporter/Anchor
Sign Up Greenville Anchor Weekend
Sign Up Atlanta Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Hartford Reporter/Anchor
Sign Up Oklahoma City Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Phoenix Reporter, MultiMedia Journalist
Sign Up Colchester, VT Multi Media Journalist
Sign Up Augusta, GA Weather-Weekend
Sign Up Rockford Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Tulsa Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Louisville Reporter
Sign Up Pittsburgh Reporter-Bureau
Sign Up Portland MultiMedia Journalist
Sign Up Ghent, WV Reporter, News Anchor
Sign Up Panama City Reporter, MultiMedia Journalist
Sign Up Oklahoma City Reporter
Sign Up Baton Rouge Multi Media Journalist
Sign Up Jefferson City Weekend Meteorologist/Weather Reporter
Sign Up Baltimore Weekend Evening Meteorologist
Sign Up Miami Network News Anchor
Sign Up Charlotte Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Denver Multiskilled Journalist
Sign Up Macon Mulit-Skilled Journalist
Sign Up La Crescent, MN WXOW Weekend Sports Anchor/Multimedia Journalist
Sign Up Austin Morning Traffic Anchor/Multimedia Journalist
Sign Up Tampa Bay Consumer Investigative MSJ
Sign Up Tampa Bay Meteorologist
Sign Up Austin Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Indianapolis Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Houston Reporter-VJ
Sign Up Atlanta Multimedia Journalist
Sign Up Midland-Odessa Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Lufkin Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up St. Louis Anchor/Reporter
Sign Up Oklahoma City Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Memphis General Assignment News Reporter
Sign Up Charleston Receptionist
Sign Up Charleston Reporter/MMJ, News
Sign Up Kansas City Sports-Director
Sign Up Buffalo Sports/News Multimedia Journalist
Sign Up West Palm Beach Digital Crime and Courts reporter
Sign Up New Bern Weekend Anchor/Reporter/MMJ
Sign Up Buffalo, NY Sports/News Multimedia Journalist
Sign Up Mount Pleasant, SC Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Lubbock Meteorologist/Reporter
Sign Up Lubbock Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up High Point Reporter
Sign Up Wichita Falls, TX Reporter
Sign Up Wichita Falls Weekend Sports Anchor/ Sports Reporter
Sign Up Asheville Weekend Sports Anchor/Reporter
Sign Up Shreveport Reporter-Investigative
Sign Up Seattle Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Jacksonville Anchor
Sign Up Detroit Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Cleveland Reporter-MMJ-Part Time
Sign Up Tucson Anchor-Reporter
Sign Up Oklahoma City Reporter
Sign Up Madison Weekend Sports Anchor / Multimedia Journalist
Sign Up Raleigh Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Baton Rouge, LA Sports-Anchor-Weekend
Sign Up Dayton Reporter
Sign Up Las Vegas Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Pittsburgh Reporter
Sign Up San Francisco, Meteorologist
Sign Up Indianapolis Multi Media Journalist
Sign Up San Francisco Meteorologist, Part-Time
Sign Up Lawton Meteorologist
Sign Up Cincinnati Reporter-Investigative
Sign Up Tampa Sports-Anchor
Sign Up Colorado Springs, CO Anchor-Morning
Sign Up Salt Lake City, UT Anchor-Reporter
Sign Up Jacksonville, NC Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Denver Reporter
Sign Up Jacksonville Weather-Meteorologist
Sign Up Las Vegas Reporter-Investigative
Sign Up Washington, D.C. Reporter
Sign Up Las Vegas Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Greenville Reporter
Sign Up Tulsa Chief Meteorologist
Sign Up Hartford Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up San Diego Anchor-Reporter
Sign Up Reno Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Charleston, SC Editor, News
Sign Up Youngstown Weather-Reporter
Sign Up West Monroe, LA Morning Reporter/MMJ/Web Producer
Sign Up Buffalo Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Montgomery Breaking News Alert Desk Anchor/MMJ
Sign Up Charlotte Digital Journalist/Anchor
Sign Up Washington D.C. Reporter Per Diem
Sign Up Peoria Reporter
Sign Up Portland Meteorologist, Chief
Sign Up Greenville Reporter / MMJ
Sign Up South Bend Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Medford Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Springfield. MA Creative Services Producer/Editor
Sign Up Bismarck Anchor-Morning
Sign Up Orlando Investigative Reporter
Sign Up Dedham Reporter
Sign Up Cedar Rapids Political Multimedia Journalist
Sign Up Ghent, WV Reporter-MMJ
Sign Up Birmingham Meteorologist
Sign Up Sioux City, IA Sports Director