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Barry Nash and Company


I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for the service you provide. Already, I have had two interested news directors from top 100 stations contact me, and that's all within the first week of my profile being posted! Thanks again for all that you do!.....(Three weeks later....) Thanks to your site, I signed on with WJTV in Jackson, MS as a digital reporter!

Thank you so much again for reaching out to me. I am referring all of my colleagues to Collective Talent.

Candice Cole, WJTV-TV, Jackson, MS
I got a job in Milwaukee. Coming from Tyler Texas I was happy to make a 75 market jump especially during this economy. I used every resource including Collective Talent, through my agent at Napoli Management. I would love to be featured to let people know it's possible! Thanks a lot!
Shari Dunn
Hey Michael - I'm happy to report that as of a week ago, I began a new job at WXMI in Grand Rapids. I wanted to say thank you for all your help and guidance along the way. The site was amazing and I can tell you that I was contacted by my current news director because of keep up the phenomenal work. Doug Reardon
Doug Reardon
I've gotten my last 2 gigs thru Collective Talent. A true blessing! I've told anyone else who I hear may be looking...Thank you!
Anna Laurel
Michael thanks to you and the folks at Collective Talent for all of your support and guidance over the years! Cheers!
Mark Curtis
With Collective Talent I ended up with competing offers from various stations. Getting a spot on CT got me seen and, ultimately, a job.
Lori Prichard, KSL-TV, Salt Lake
Without Collective Talent I wouldn't have landed a dream position. Thank You!
Sunny Lane
First off, I want to thank you for your constant attention and guidance from the moment I signed up on Collective Talent. I no longer need the monthly subscription, but I will keep you in mind next time around when looking for my next position. Again, thanks for all you've done!
Perrise Thomas
Hi Michael! I wanted to let you know I got a job so I won't be needing my profile anymore. The Job isn't public yet but I got it through Collective Talent!!! So I will give you all the details once it's official. Thank you for everything.
Anne McCloy
Thanks to your website I landed a Metoeorologist job at the #1 station in Oklahoma City. I am beyond excited! I singed my contract today. Thanks so much!
Cassie Heiter, KWTV-TV, Oklahoma City
I got a fantastic deal with my station here thanks to all the great hits/leverage I got from Collective Talent. Of course... I'll need to cancel my account for now... but I'll be back in a couple years, I can promise you that.
"I can't say enough great things about Collective Talent. The site is easy to use, the postings are legitimate, and the e-mail alerts keep you on top of your job search. I don't think it's a coincidence that as soon as I started using CT, I started getting interviews and offers. A big thanks to The CT team for providing this invaluable resource to broadcast news professionals!" Thank you so much again for introducing me to your amazing site, and for your wonderful mentorship.
Nikki Junewicz, WZTV Nashville
Thank you so much for your help... Collective Talent was a great way to get myself noticed. Thanks again! -
Ivory Hecker
I have found a job at WKBW in Buffalo, NY. I didn't apply for the job or send them my resume. They contacted me first, after seeing my work on Thanks so much for your service....
Justin Moore
"Hi Michael. Could you put me on your page as a success story. Without a doubt, Collective Talent made it easier for me to get my first full time on-air job."
Michael Lopez
Finding a job in sports or TV for that matter is not easy. Fortunately, there's Michael and Collective Talent. Michael is a tremendous ally to have. He is realistic but encouraging. Honest yet supportive. You will do no wrong using his services. His site makes applying easy but more importantly it keeps your materials visible to news directors who might be looking for talent. Best of luck!
Mike LaCett, WDRB-TV, Louisville
Think iTunes for Talent. Collective Talent is fast, easy and it works!
Tom Allen, VP Quincy Broadcasting
I have good news to report thanks to Collective Talent... I have been hired in Grand Rapids as a morning reporter. I am thrilled to be back in the business in such a terrific market and great station! I discovered the job posting on your site last month... within a week I was contacted for an interview!
Nicole DiDonato
Hi Michael, So glad to have read the email about the Morning Anchor entry level opening. This position seems like an amazing opportunity for someone like myself! I am so happy to have joined Collective Talent!
Aubrey Jackson
Dear Michael: Just wanted to share the news with you that I'm moving on to WRTV in Indianapolis for the next couple of years... Thanks so much for your advice and input during the process-- it was invaluable.
Jason Fecnher
Once again, it was your wonderful website that prompted them to call me in the first place. My second job through Collective Talent. I'm so excited about it! Talk to you soon, and thanks again!
Aja Vickers
Thank you for the wonderful service you've provided on the CT Web site. I've secured two permanent positions from your listing service and am no longer in need of listing my demo. Thanks again for the great service!
Lisa Rodriguez
Hey Michael, I have landed a job in Memphis. I am thankful for your services and everything your website was able to provide.
Sasha Jones, WMC-TV, Memphis
I have accepted a morning anchor job at CBS 4 in El Paso. And guess what, the news director found me on Collective Talent! Thank you so much!!
Jessie McDonough
Collective Talent is fantastic service, and I am certain it won’t be long before I am once again a member. Can I write a reference or anything for the website? Thanks, Michael!
Tyler Ryan
"You want a job on TV? Nothing else is faster or easier to use. Guaranteed! Collective Talent, my laptop and the Internet; A triple play that helped me score a great job."
Jim Wicks, Anchor
Hi Michael, I've always had good luck with Collective Talent. And I am always on the lookout for talent to help out other stations in the Nexstar group.
Bob Rockstroh
$25 a month is well worth it for your website. I haven't accepted any job offers yet.... But I've been getting a number of calls and emails from news directors and agencies. Before joining your site I was starting to give up hope on finding a new better gig. I'm totally grateful for your site. I've been telling some friends in the business about it as well. Just wanted you to know this.
Jason Moore
"Already applied online and they already viewed me. Your system really does work. Thanks!"
Tim Elbertson
"I already have three hits on the job I posted this afternoon. That's fast!
News Director, KWWL-TV, Waterloo
Just wanted to let you know I've accepted a job as a morning weekend anchor/reporter at WJRT in Flint! All thanks to Collective Talent!...Thank you so much for the words of encouragement, and all your help!
Natalie Zarowny
Posting my resume reel was worth every penny! A news director contacted me after seeing my work and that's how I got this amazing full-time anchor opportunity. Thank you so much for all your help!
Jaclyn Kelley